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Hope Filled Café is a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocating for the inclusion of individuals with autism and cognitive disabilities, starting with our own staff. All donations are reinvested to train and employ this demographic, advocate for broader inclusion, make delicious products, and keep our café running.

Hope Filled Café also serves as a community space for local youth, providing an environment where they feel seen, accepted, included, valued, and educated about autism and cognitive disabilities. Through connections, classes, and events, we foster empathy and understanding.

By donating, you can support our cause and promote inclusion and, to provide employment opportunities for individuals with autism & cognitive disabilities, to ensure a welcoming, inclusive space to enjoy quality treats and beverages, and to create a brighter future for our community.


The U.S. Department of Labor (2022) found that people with disabilities, particularly those with autism and cognitive disabilities, face unemployment rates twice as high as those without disabilities, reaching up to 85%. This highlights the urgent need for targeted interventions and support mechanisms. Raising awareness, educating our community, and providing effective interventions like job coaching and sensory-friendly work environments are crucial steps toward creating inclusive work spaces and improving employment outcomes for individuals with autism and cognitive disabilities. Hope Filled Cafe is directly addressing these issues by advocating for and educating about employment opportunities for these individuals by creating meaningful employment for our team to thrive. Join us in building a brighter, more inclusive future.


It's crucial to create inclusive workplaces for individuals with autism and cognitive disabilities, given that many existing work environments are often overstimulating, excessively noisy, filled with complex social dynamics they may struggle to navigate, and frequently offer roles that don't leverage their talents and distinctive skills. Hope Filled Café addresses these issues by promoting inclusivity through tailored employment, calming work environments, and joy opportunities. Your support for inclusive practices benefits everyone and sends a strong message of celebration for diversity. Diverse teams, including those with autism, are proven to be more innovative and productive, driving growth and success. Achieving true inclusivity requires education, training, and compassion, with a focus on accessibility and respect. Your donation helps provide opportunities for financial independence and purpose, fostering social inclusion and allowing unique talents to contribute to society.


Individuals with autism and cognitive disabilities often experience profound feelings of being lost, forgotten, and left behind, especially when support services end abruptly at age 21, plunging them into uncertainty and isolation. Imagine the heartache of families watching their loved ones struggle to find purpose and acceptance in the world around them. Hope Filled Café seeks to change this narrative by providing meaningful work and connections, showing acceptance and value, so no one feels left behind and marginalized simply because they look and act differently than the rest. Let's break the cycle of feeling lost and forgotten by showing everyone that they are seen, heard, valued, and accepted just as they were created to be. Join us in making a difference.

If you feel like an outcast,
  misunderstood, or judged


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